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PHONE: 586 612 4450
FAX: 586 468 2852
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"When I feel I have the ultimate protection and look great, I play "Super".
Protecting yourself is the best investment you can make." - Bret Beaudry
Bret "Superman" Beaudry pictured with Steve Badger,owner
of NXI DEFENSE SYSTEMS (holding the custom "Superman" mask Steve and the artists at NXI made). Beaudry proclaims NXI goalie masks are the finest, most durable on the market. Bruises and broken bones heal, concussions are serious!
The most important protection you can buy is your head gear.
Bret "Superman" Beaudry pictured with Scott Battram of BATTRAM
CUSTOM GOALIE EQUIPMENT. BATTRAM produces the most durable, best fitting, highest quality, ultimate protection, custom goalie pads on the market today. Beaudry designed the "MAN OF STEEL" pads and Scott and his team manufactured three "Superman" sets. All sets have endured over thousands of games with minimal wear.
Note: "I have not been paid to endorse the above products. Having played in over 2,000 games since the year 2000, I have found the above products to be superior to all other products on the market. While playing I need to be secure with my protective gear, which makes fearless in knowing I have protected myself to the best of my ability. This confidence allows me to play position and to get in the way of whatever "speeding bullets" the shooters throw at me.
With a positive attitude, the best equipment and proper training, the "No Fear" high level of confidence that exists makes me invinsible."
Bret "Superman" Beaudry pictured with BATTRAM EQUIPMENT in Las Vegas Hockey Tournament. "I am so pleased with the quality of BATTRAM pads, over the years, I have purchased three sets. This allows me to dry and repair the set not in use. Skates; GRAFF, Helmet; NXI, Chest Protector and Pants; Vaughn.
Prior to the "Superman Era", Bret Beaudry used Heaton, Vaughn and TPS protective goalie equipment. "Regretfully, these pads did not hold up to the test of time. Although, not everyone plays over 120 games per year as I do".
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